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Luxury Lunch at Buffet 101…I Love September!

Thank you for the two soon to be fathers for letting us experienced a luxury and sumptuous lunch at Buffet 101 – an eat-all-you-can restaurant for Php699. Look what I’ve got, did I have more or less? Honestly, I am not so used to eating eat all you can, I am having difficulty what to pick because there are lots of them. Sometimes, or should I say, I always pick what I normally eat, and afraid of tasting unknown. And besides that, I easily get full so I think the price is not worth my eat.

To ready yourself in eating bountiful foods like in eat all you can, better to skip breakfast and do not drink as you eat. Additionally, to look not so obvious that you’ve eaten a lot, you may wear loose custom shirts in northern va. Isn’t it a good idea?

salmon salad at buffet 101                           Photobucketbuffet 101                                 buffet 101

buffet 101 house of sushi/maki

By the way, Buffet 101 eat all you can restaurant is located in sea side Mall of Asia and the lunch is priced at Php 699. No leftover, no sharing, no take out. You’ve got to eat all your pick, otherwise you will be charged.

Till then,