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Baby Talk…

Our precious little angel will be turning six month old tomorrow September 21st. There are lots of amazing developments in her as days passed by. I may have missed some because I am working apart from her and seen her on weekends only. That is why I make sure that every time I am at home, I am always with her, cuddling her and taking care of her.

Despite the tight care I have with her, sickness cannot be averted. Just last month, on 3rd week of August, she had high fever because of high wbc (white blood cells). Fortunate of me that we were on 2 day holiday – Eid’l Ftr (spelled wrong) and Ninoy Aquino Day. I was supposed to report for work on Wednesday but because JD was sick, I decided not to and take care of our baby. I brought her to her pediatrician and have her checked. In totality, I was happy that I was there for our baby for the whole week, oh and it’s 10 days.

She used to sleep in her swing, and during the time I was with her for 10 days, I did not put her there, we were sleeping together. And when I was going to be back for work, and put her on the swing to sleep, she cried. She did not want swing anymore. She is not the littlest baby, she’s grown up now and I think it’s time to buy her a bratt decor crib or a walker.  Hmm…. She’s 6 months, and there will be more and more brain development in her. I am happy to see her beautiful smile, her swagging arms and legs when she hears us singing  ”ajigijingjing jing ajigijing”, cute gestures of her, she is dancing that way.

We love you so much baby jhaydii! Keep being so affable, adorable and lovable J

Till then,