What You Don’t Know Won’t Hurt You

And I was hurt upon knowing about it. I feel soooooooo ________.  I may choose not to ask about it, but still I asked because of me being inquisitive about this thing that keeps on bothering me since last week, just to confirm that my quandary is correct. And I proved that it’s correct, the consequence – I was hurt.

There are various things I do in order to avert this little pain; making myself busy at work (thankfully I am occupied this week), networking, blogging, talking to my husband and he is always there lsitening to all my temperaments.  In my mind, I say, I am still very lucky for bring me and achieving this. And he is correct that the right time for me to have it isn’t arrived yet, and it is never late when He says it’s your time! And I am waiting for that time. I know it will come. Besides, I have proven that He hears my weapings and prayers, not in a snap of the fingers, it takes time, but He still answers me.

This is anew to me, and I know that I will get over it eventually. For now, I will enjoy myself and spend my quality time at work, at home with our baby and make the most of it. Should there be any activity that will help  divert my mind that easily, I will venture into it. Yoga? Jogging? Dancing or zumba? Badminton? oh the best, this one that I am doing, blogging! In here I can say what I want, I can express what I feel, it is my page, I rant everything I want! And I am not committing a cybercrime huh~!

Speaking of yoga, I’ve never tried this one yet, but I am willing to, it’s just I can’t find some yoga mats wholesale so it can be cheaper for me to try this out. Anyone who knows? Please contact me. 🙂

This is what I feel right now, and sooner, when I see our baby, this will fade. So Dhina, just live your life to the fullest, wait for your time and it will be yours very very soon! (God speaks) 🙂

Till then,