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What’s for the 2012 Christmas?

I am sure that some of us are busy preparing for the Christmas. It’s roughly 2 months to go and the party will begin. Sharing and giving season once again, although I always say that everyday is a sharing and giving day.

The first group that becomes busy for this season are the businessess or companies, it is because they will be holding a Christmas Party for the company, a company wide activity. As early as September or October, fingers are busy dialling numbers of prospect venues, especially those who are part of Christmas committee. It is a very hard task that requires diligence. Also, one of the most important things to discusss about is the theme, what will be the company’s theme? It should be unique and apealling.

I still have in my mind the Christmas party I had in my previous jobs, different themes, same joys. I also did participate in the program by showing my dance – I was with a group, danced when I was in Sara Lee, Nikkoshi, and Advantek. That is why here in ACS I miss to move my body and dance. Thankfully there is this zumba every Tuesday that although I can’t dance during Christmas party I still am able to move by the zumba!

I am looking forward for this year’s Christmas, not only with the various parties waiting, but also, this year is the first Christmas of our lovely and precious baby Jhaydii! 🙂

Till then,