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Another Tiaong Pride on Showtime

I haven’t watched them perform on TV at Showtime specifically, my mother does, and she told me about it. Don’t know what I am talking? Yeah you don’t 😀 It’s about the family performance of Villalobo at Showtime ABS CBN. They won twice or thrice that made them compete until the grand finals (hope i’m correct that it’s grand finals) which will happen on Saturday, October 20. Fortunately, I am at home and will be having a chance to see and watch how they sing – the talented family members of Villalobo.

I had a schoolmate before who always performed during the school program, he was one  Villalobo, and I am not sure if he is joining the family.

Filipinos indeed are very talented, and I am also proud that I am! hahaha…. Kidding aside, Tiaong is one of the nests of great talents, we have Ima Castro, Catherine Loria, Dhina Lieva (kidding) Ugu Bigyan (potter/artist who is famous in making ceramic arts) and now, the rising Villalobo family. There are more and more talents honing, and let us continue to support those.

For the competing family this weekend, goodluck and may the good Lord bless you! Bring home the bacon!

Till then,