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What Suits Best

Not only is Christmas a happy and one of the most awaiting celebration of the year, it’s also one of the busiest and most expensive that we should have prepared for. When BER months start to come in the calendar, we know that Christmas or December 25 is fast approaching and we cannot do something to stop it, nor we cannot prevent spending more pennies than usual. That is why most of the people are preparing ahead, buying things and gifts earlier so when the time comes that almost all commodities reach the highest cost, they already have inventory on hand which is cheaper than the latter part of the year. It will also be less burden because you gradually giving out money, not much pain unlike when you buy in bulk when Christmas is near.

So much something about that, let us now takle the part wherein we elders are going to enjoy Christmas, the party!

Company events are being organized by different committees, and Christmas party is one of the events that requires careful planning and organizing so as to make the party perfect thus everyone can enjoy! As I have mentioned before, Christmas party can be celebrated in different ways, there are different themes to choose from, this is to avoid a boring and pale party and so that everyone can wear their best suits accordingly (according to the theme) I love cowboy theme!

While some petite, sexy and athlete shaped body seem to have no problem in choosing what to wear, here comes our fellows who apparently feel and having difficulty choosing whats and nots. But they shouldn’t be feeling that way, anyone can wear anything they want so long as they enjoy the party and that they do not go against the policy. So for those of you who are healthy there are various selections of plus size cocktail dresses, this is if the theme is something like formal or red carpet or gala theme. No to vex right?

So….. Bring the party on! Wear your best suit and confidence. Enjoy the party and be yourself!

Till then,