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Is it Time to Get Back?

My mind was occupied by many things this past days, I am having quandaries, confusion and the fickle-minded of me again visits. A very important factor led to this, I know it’s not right but I can’t stop thinking that way. I know it’s not the right time, and God knows when, so when it comes, a voice will tell me that “Hey, go ahead, your time has come!”

Now I am thinking of several opps knocking at me, but I am having difficulty deciding. It’s far, but the challenge is there. I remember when I was at Nikkoshi, I had a very nice relationship with my office mates, in fact they are one of my best friends today, I can’t compare my life at Nikkoshi, but I had to leave because of the better opportunity ahead from Advantek.

And at Advantek, I had almost the same set up as Nikkoshi because it’s a manufacturing company and also because of the general and cost accounting experience I had. It’s just that, Advantek is a bit so so unlike the first. I got to befriend some of the people and had a nice relationship with them too. Until now, we still have communication, I really had to leave again from a company that manufactures carrier tapes and uses different deburring tool because again of a better opportunity.

And now I am here, serving one of the country’s leading BPOs, been here for 3 1/2 years, the longest span I have in the total of 9 years, my 6th job. I don’t want to be called as a job-hopper 😀 though. I told myself this will be the last for me, hmmm, I want to, until I receive the 5th year gift from ACS haha… Hoping and thinking… Still enjoying my work at ACS, my time is really occupied with work..

Now, do I need to ask myself, is it time to get back? Think before acting.

Till then,