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Hu Hu Hu…. Repair’s Needed!

Too bad for us, our television got sucked, it did not function anymore, we cannot watch shows and news. Well, It has reached its depreciable life perhaps, imagine, I bought it last 2006, and what now, 2012? 6 years that is! And I think it only has, a television has a useful life of 3-5 years life.

We were able to watch before, although there seemed to be a timer wherein it suddenly switched off by itself, and you need to bag to on again, a television that has been there on and beside the standsandmounts dvd racks

. Because of numerous banging of the tv, it gave up and now, we are trying to repair it, changing the damaged piece inside, and hopefully the repairman can get to function it again, so we can never fail to watch the teleserye and current events. We are outdated!

Why not buy a new one? Hmmm, but not time yet, there is a much more important things to spend money to. New TV set can wait aight?

Till then,