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Humility is to Humanity

On a Tuesday morning, when I was reading my morning online paper (haha, the facebook!), the first post that hit me the most is “Word of the day – AMALAYER”. I thought of writing a comment and say, no you are not a liar, but chosen not. And the night of the same day, logging in again at facebook, I found numerous post about that amalayer word, and out of curiosity, I searched at the you tube what this was trending amalayer all about, and viola, I found a video reference to that.

The video and the word amalayer is about a girl who argued with a lady guard at the LRT with a loud voice, calling the attention of the passengers, and capturing the scene in a video, that now goes viral.

What’s with it? For me, it is not about the english language by the girl but it was about the attitude she had with the LRT guard or personnel – older then her, whom she yelled at. As a human being as her, and as an educated person as she mentioned, I think, she should think many times before she acts in any situation, think many times before causing to humiliate anyone. Now, her act caused her to severe humiliation – worldwide.

Aside from thinking before uttering any words that will cause humiliation, we should also consider if the place we are at is safe and secure hehe. Make sure there is no lose windings and path, all is fixed and tight, like the LRT, there are piecec of it that must be checked and monitored, if the piece is found to cause harm, fix it beforehand, you may use many tools like auto-adjust toggle clamps and the like. Just a quick tip and thought, be safe and secure, know your surroundings, be aware and observe and most of all, practice HUMILITY, 🙂

Till then,