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I Just Opine Went Back to PR 0

The lazy and inspired-less writer/blogger has her blog PR0! L back to 0 rank from 1.  The highest I reached was PR2 haha. Anyway, it has nothing to do with my earnings, although it is sure that the higher the rank, the higher the earnings, but because I am just an ordinary blogger attending no blogger events, I run out of ideas and topic to write and blog about, so the consequence, PR0. But I am still thankful that although I have that low rank, I am still able to earn and paid to blog – thank you so much payu2blog, socialspark, payperpost, inpostlinks, adsense and nuffnang, my part time source of income!

Just like a product that has a life cycle, going through the stages of introductory, growth, maturity and decline, my blog I Just Opine is also passing through that. I have reached the point that I am very active updating and writing on my blog, 5 posts the maximum in a day, giving me more $$.xx, helped me in my MBA. It’s in the growth stage. Now, my income has decreased, because of course of the low rank and some of the paid to blog sites has not given assignment to me anymore – I won’t say I am in the maturity stage because I am not planning to retire it, I just had it renewed this month until 2014 for P1,050 or $26.00. I want to earn more from it, to eke the penny I spend for our living, or better yet, to save for JD’s future.

How can I earn more now with blogging? I need to attract more and more audience, imaging, from 2008 to 2012, my blog is already 4 years, but I only have 66k visitors? Too low right? Others for that age already gain 1M or more! (Hey Dhina, don’t regret it, you’ve said you earn, so don’t compare!) J

To earn more, I also created another blog entitled, Bloma… I Am the Mama – a blog about pregnancy, parenthood and baby, inspired to have this when I was about to give birth to our baby. And now it’s active (but outdated a bit) you may find it at (remove the word dot please). Check it please and see the yellow mother’s blog J

So until here, and I hope that after this post, I will be able to revert back to the higher PR for me earn higher.

Till then,