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Tommy Needs Replacement

It’s been with me for more than three years, and it doesn’t have any replacement yet,I still enjoyed wearing it on my wrist. It has a nice story behind. Let me share something of how I got it.

We were on  way back home from our business trip in Utah USA, and at the Delta plane, there was a magazine containing items sold. A wrist watch, with convertible  red and blue strap  got my attention, I really liked it. I was planning
to buy it but was doubtful, until no more FA’s was asking passengers whether they want to buy or not. I could’t get to sleep because of a combination of excitement to go home and by the watch. Luckily, when we were at the second flight (connecting from US to Japan and Japan to Philippines) there was again the magazine containing the same items, and I did not think twice, asked the FA to give me the item and yahoo, I finally have it. And I fell asleep, short huh…

I have been wearing that watch since then, and I am not sure if I want to replace it or not, I have a good memory of it though. If I want to replace it anyway, maybe I will go for raymond weil. Nice brand right?

Till then,