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A Day of a Mother with Her Daughter

A sudden grab of my face and my nose wakes me up in a weekend morning at5am, our 8th month old baby jhaydii now does cute gestures to wake me up. And when she sees me with eyes opened she will start to say uh-ah with arms drumming her tummy and feet bumping the bed. Sometimes lying on her side and keeps on grabbing my nose and eyes. Who can continue sleeping with these morning moves, I don’t want to waste time closing my eyes and getting into sleep again (although I am still sleepy). Since our daughter has her morning zest, I make the most out of it and play with her. And we’re both tired, I am going to cuddle her and go outside for a morning (dawn breeze) until the sun sets, give her some oatmeal for breakfast.

When she scratches her face on my shoulder and body, it’s her signalling she wants to sleep. And it’s now my turn to bathe her – at 7am. After that, she will cry for her milk, then I will lie beside her and we’ll both fall into sleep πŸ™‚ She wants she has someone beside when sleeping, otherwise, expect her to have short one.

When we wake up, playing time again, feeding and cuddling. I still feel lazy playing the learning dvd her father sent her, she’s drumming the keyboard of my netbook when we watch it. But soon, I will πŸ™‚

That is a day of me with my daughter at home. I make sure I am always with her, diapering her, bathing her, cleaning her, feeding her and playing with her. I cannot imagine being apart from her for long. A day of my life without her is a big loss for me, what more if longer? I cannot take it. I cannot miss her for long, it will be such pain for a mother like me.

Everyone I know can attest to that and agree with me. That is why as much as possible, we are making sure that our children are raised with parents’ guidance – our guidance. Not only when they are babies, but all the time, their entire life. Even when it’s time for them to go to school, as a young student or those kids doing some outdoor activities, we want to keep them safe and secure, that is why we want to look and have the best Kids Camping Gear for them.

So, to curtail the long πŸ™‚ that is a day of a mother with her daughter.

Till then,