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A Memorable 12.12.12 of Me

It rarely happens in a year – oh, it actually happens once a year, the numbers, date and hours become the same like 12.12.12 or 11.11.11 – it once a year date and I don’t know why we are so amazed when things like this happens (sabi ko nga kasi once a year lang).

When the clock fell at 12/12, I want to post 12.12.12 but I prevented myself from doing so because I know many of my friends will – and I was correct! Everyone is waiting for a good luck. I am happy to see everyone that they are more blessed on 12.12.12, winning in a photography contest and getting an ipad! I couldn’t be any happier if I am in his shoes! Sad to say, I am not gifted with a talent in photography nor in blogging – I chance upon blogging contest but I can count my fingers which of them won. That is why sometimes I feel demotivated to join. I shouldn’t feel this way anyway, I am blessed with earnings in my blog and that could be a winning right? Hmmm….time is the key for winning, creating an entry with passion and creativity!

Okay, so much somthing about that. My mind keeps on telling me what to write right now and I can’t stop my fingers typing my keyboard. Let me tell you now why I had a memorable 12.12.12.

I was busy the whole day with sales and use tax, it took me a day to finish te states tax. But thankfully, I still found time to balance my work and jog for few minutes – let’s say it is a work break for me, because after the jog, I will go back on my table and work. So this is what happened.

I was with my officemate Kaye, we jogged for about 20 minutes, in the circle of the parking area of Two E-com. And because we were just two, I decided not to stop and rest, I wanted to jog with her the entire time. So I jogged for 20 minutes and rested only when we finished the run. Right after I stopped, I felt that I was not good, I had a blurred vision and wanted to sit, but Kaye told me not to. So I leaned on a tree and drank water, still with blurred vision. And I didn’t know what happened next. Kaye told me that she was wondering why my water container fell on the ground and also my towel. She thought I was joking but saw me I was about to fall. She guided me and held me so as not to fall and asked me to sit. Wow, in few seconds, I collapsed! My second time to experience this. The first was during our wedding where I couldn’t breath. ANd it happened again yesterday.

I shouldn’t have forced myself to run without resting. I should run, walk, run walk so I can catch up my breath. Hindi tuloy ako pinawisan sa run na yun… But anyway, I laughed for what happened to me. Buti na lang Kaye was there to help me, thank you kaye!

And that was the memorable 12.12.12 of me 🙂

Till then,