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Christmas Time – Reunion Time!

It is again another year to celebrate, one of the most awaited time of the year. As the song says “It’s the most wonderful time of the year”, a time where almost everyone around the world is busy and spending time with the whole family. That is why most of the reunions, family gatherings, friends gatherings and the like are being done during this season – because it is when everyone has get off from work, and has ample time to attend any gatherings – aside from the excessive amounts of money received during Christmas days haha.

There are various ways to celebrate Christmas and various ways to conduct the reunion. One of the things I have in mind is getting it happen in a resort where everyone can enjoy the splash of water – that is after the program has been done. You may add some videoke or karaoke music – this adds more enjoyment in the event. Just share the mic, don’t grab it yourself, remember, there are many attendees so you should share! 😀

This Christmas will be the first Christmas I celebrate with our little one, our 8th month old baby girl will be here with us to celebrate the birth of Jesus, although she is still unaware of that 🙂 I am happy anyway! And will be even happier if her daddy is here to celebrate the season with us 🙁

Enough for that, I will again spend time at Pampanga – my husband’s place. And on the 15th, David siblings will be having their reunion (and now my first time to join) to be done in a resort. So I and JD will enjoy the fun that day!

Till then,