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I Love Music

One of my dreams next to being a career woman and a professor is to become a singer. Having a great voice and singing talent is said to have a good future – singing can be a good career. As we all know we have numerous singer around the globe, and they keep on shining and shining making themselves more famous everywhere, and of course earning more and more. Singing can be a good source of living, more than enough source. If a person who has a singing talent knows how to use it, and earns from it, she also should know how to handle the earnings from it, otherwise, to no avail, the toils of yelling and performing will all be futile. Take example of all those famous singers, those who use them wisely. They have various properties and investment, all are bought from the money earned through singing. Wise right?

Let us not forget though that there are also some singers who were abusive of what they have had. Some turned addict of drugs making their careers down to death, take not of this singer, do not take this as an example, those are not a good model to look up to.

My 9 month old daughter is starting to use her voice in singing, oh in humming, she already starts humming some tune that I do not understand, but I know, she also loves singing. And I wish her a great singing voice that can be used as a source of passive income hehe..

I want to sing even using ground control midi controller

 Till then,