Daily Living


I always believe that God grants us our wishes, in His time. And we should not question that or Him why He has never given or granted us everything we pray. Just keep the faith. I can vouch that He never fails us, if we only believe and do our best to attain what we pray.

Since I was a kid, I know how to talk to Him, praying sincerely for my family. Praying that someday, I will be able to uplift where we were at, praying that I can give my family a better life and living, praying that someday, I can finish my college education and find a good office job. Praying that I can be of night shift so I can be thinner, praying that may be able to study MBA, praying to be promoted, praying for a boyfriend (but He also gave me a husband and a baby). Praying and keep on praying. And I can say that all of that happened. EXCEPT for one – PROMOTION. Yes I was able to get a level higher, but not the promotion I was wishing for. And I know, He will give and grant that to me, in time. It’s not my time yet to be there. And He knows why.

So I keep on dreaming, and even on my sleep – I was flying, I believe this is relative to my ambition. And I also believe that I can achieve them, I am working on it.

Just sharing the picture to you, a picture that caught my eyes and heart, because I believe in it!


Just how I believe in..

“Dream your dreams, then do your best. Never stop and never rest, Until those dreams are YOURS!”

So keep on dreaming and praying!

Till then,