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I Am Deaf…

One of my problems when I started my dotage 🙁 haha is becoming a slight deaf. I know the reason why, and I regret that I did it then. Here is how it happened.

Wayback 2004, when cellphone with music player was starting to saturate tha market, and I fortunately was able to buy one, the Dhina who love music was very eager to play using headphones. And because I love music, I even wear the earphones while I was sleeping. I felt the pain of my ear. Yet I didn’t mind it, instead I kept on listening and listening and using the earphones while I was sleeping. And then look at me now, slight deaf – maklak, hehe. I even need to go closer to the one who speak so I can hear what she’s saying.

I pity those I see around who are using earphones and listening music so loudly that I can even hear it myself. I am sure that someday, they will be the same as me. If you were able to read this, let this be a warning for you and stop playing music with earphones loudly. Or better yet, do it rarely, or do it using, in that case, the effect will not be worse as mine. Get it!

Till then,