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Wedding? Where’s Your Ring?

One of a girl’s dreams is to walk down the aisle, don a beautiful white gown and be the most beautiful on the day of her wedding. No woman I bet doesn’t want to experience that. It is one of a lifetime best experience that is being carefully planned, every details of the wedding, from head to toe is being scrutinized. Some couple even hired a wedding planner to do and organize all the things needed for their big day. But for me, you will appreciate your big day even more if you are giving your personal touch to the event, you personally do the planning, organizing and everything about the wedding.

Our wedding, yes it was simple, but it was a very memorable one as I and my husband were the one who prepared for it. My husband was the one who tiredly looked for our wedding ring in Dubai, he had a good taste though, I like the one he bought.

Oh ring, speaking of that one. Since you will be wearing that for a long time, it’s better to choose the good quality with nice design, remember that you are flaunting it while you are wearing it so better to buy the nice one 🙂

While blogging and surfing, I stumbled upon this site where you can find a nice wedding ring. It’s recommended for you to visit the slane and slane. One of the nicest collections they have is the picture below.


Nice isn’t it? If I were to buy a set of jewelry or a wedding ring, I would definitely prefer the one from slane.

And again, wedding is one of the most memorable events in one’s life, you should be able to plan and organize it well and give your personal hand on it, it makes the big day more memorable and moving. And most importantly, treasure it and make your marriage lasts forever, till death do you part.

Till then,