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How to Quit Smoking

My father smokes, my brother smoke, and me – I don’t smoke.

I am aware of the effects of smoking in human’s health, that is why I am so persistent advising my father and brothers to quit smoking,  photo quitsmoking_zpsa089dd85.jpgbut then, no matter how persistent I am, they are more persistent to resist my advice.

Although there are several tv advertisements and warnings as to the bad effects of smoking, they keep on ignoring and continue buying cases of cigars. They perhaps would even buy wholesale cigars in order to satisfy their cravings, yes that is how they are addicted to smoking. Puffing cigars on after the other. (Oh and there’s some gaps in between).

I thank the government for passing the SINTAX bill, this makes cigarette expensive. They complain yes, but they still buy some. Too bad right, it isn’t that effective, that bill isn’t effective.

My brothers I think have no plans of quitting yet, likewise my father. Not until one time, wherein my daughter Jhaydii had an allergy or something, where she had an asthma. She was really coughing hard, we brought her to her pediatrician and she underwent nebulizer and three more medicines. And to fully recover from this allergy, I told my father that one of the causes of her asthma was the smoke from cigars, I told him it’s time for him to quit.

We bought 6 packs of halls and maxx candies,  these would be the one to replace cigarettes. Instead of smoking my father would just eat the candies (hope he won’t be diabetic). And this is one of the effective ways of quitting. he is now on his 3rd week, but I know he still smokes, yet very far from us, and not frequent. And I am very thankful that although JD got sick, this helps my father to finally start quitting smoking. He loves his grand-daughter much, so he decided to quit so JD will not be having an asthma again.

For the smokers, it’s not too late yet, before the money on your pocket vanishes and your health becomes weak, why don’t you start heading to quit smoking. Do it now 🙂 SMOKING KILLS.

Till then,