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My Mountain Climbing Experience

Few of the strenuous activities I did when I was at Nikkoshi Philis. Corp was mountain climbing. Together with my workmates in that company, we climbed Mt. Maculot in Batangas, twice. My first time to climb a mountain was on March 4, 2007. I love doing this activity, I love outdoor activities specially those that require more energy. Fortunate enough that I was able to upload pictures in my multiply account, and the proof remains. I saved my NIPHCO pictures in a cd but because of large files, the cd got corrupted leaving me with no pictures except those that are uploaded in multiply, friendster, archived, unavailable.

And here are the pictures left.

 photo mountainclimb1_zps40b9f190.jpg
 photo mountainclimb2_zps5b049741.jpg
 photo mountainclimb3_zps4f5a1470.jpg
 photo mountainclimb11_zps502dfe29.jpg
 photo mountainclimb15_zps6a83535b.jpg
 photo mountainclimb20_zps31b9b489.jpg
 photo mountainclimb21_zps2d6a6122.jpg
 photo mountainclimb23_zps20236928.jpg

That is how much I love mountain climbing. This climb was the second time first was December 2006. And I couldn’t remember how to get here, all I can recall is – we have complete gear, gear for an amateur mountain climber. Gloves, jacket, cameras and foods wrapped in banana leaf – all in my hawk backpack. If during that time there was, I would perhaps use that one. I cannot afford to buy then, too expensive for an employee who was receiving a Php14k a month 🙂

Oh well, aside from loving this activity, I enjoyed the people I was with during this climb.

I never had mountain climbing activity anymore, I remember we were planning to take Mt. Makiling in Los Banos, Laguna but we separated our ways and we were not able to do it anymore.

Memories remain.

Till then,