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Come Election..

May 14, 2013 will be the nationwide election here in the Philippines. And what we are expecting now?

Since last year, we are seeing many streamers everywhere, although those faces haven’t filed their candidacy in COMELEC yet. The reason is, they want to be familiar to the  photo vote_zps58749491.jpgpublic, they want to be known as early by then. But, were they so unconcern to display and clutter their faces around? Duh! That was last year, how about now? I really would like to take photos of those streamer and show how messy thay look like. I will perhaps…

For those candidates, why don’t they use some options and alternative, social campaign perhaps is effective. The US election last year, I didn’t see any streamers or banners for those 2 competing for Presidency, why don’t we be like them.? Or better yet, try what the signs fredericksburg va is offering, I think it would be better than cluttering all over the Philippines.

Aside from the mess and clutter, we Filipinos, let us think wisely and smartly as to who to vote. We fave the freedom to do so 🙂

Till then,