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Protect Your Life, Use Helmet

Due to high volume of vehicles driving everywhere in the Philippines, the use of motorbike, motorcycles, single, wave or whatever you call it becomes in demand. Although the cost is not as expensive as the cars, driving a motorbike and the like apparently is very dangerous. When the owners of this type of transportation increase, the number of accidents also increase. Road accidents everywhere, involves drivers who are driving a motorbike and the like, no more lives, more often than not, the victims died.

That is the reason why Philippine government has implemented the use of helmets with ICC sticker – making sure that the helmets are of good quality.

Just this January, effectivity of using helmets with ICC has started. Motorbike drivers were inspected, I mean the helmets were checked if there are stickers, otherwise, a fine of I think Php1,500 is required of the violators.

Now, the government is somehow relieved that there will be lesser accidents because of that implementation.

And for those helmet owners or you’re planning to buy one, make sure it has an ICC sticker, you can use the one you already have, even the Fox Helmets just make sure of the ICC sticker.

So protect your life! Use helmets.

Till then,