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Thank You PH Cold Weather

Early January of this year, we started to feel cold weather as if it’s still Christmas. It was even colder than December which I supposed should be cold. I think, things has changed a lot, I experienced how cold December was, but it isn’t anymore. It is perhaps the effect of global warming. But still, we in the Philippines are able to experience the cold weather.

When I am at home in Tiaong Quezon, I cannot endure the coldness, I am wearing my suit – jacket and pajama. If the weather will get the coldest, perhaps, I would need  a thicker gear, seems I will be in a snowy country. This is how it looks like.

 photo jacket_zps47217df2.jpg

Oh I would to wear that one. I enjoy snow, and I am looking forward to live in a snow country.

According to the news, cold weather will be experienced until mid-February. My idea is that, the reason for this weather is because of the melting of ice in nearby countries (like Japan and Korea.) So we need to be more active during those  days and stray from virus so as not to get sick.

Take care fellow Filipinos!

Till then,