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Would You Like to be Paid in Blogging?

Now I am inspired again to write about payu2blog 🙂 I am one of those lucky bloggers who were able to receive “STARS” tasks, after so many months. I was always looking forward to read “Good news, the sheriff is looking out for you, you have been given extra assignments. Thank you for your hard work!” No reason to be inspired right? 

I have been blogging since 2008 andI started to be  paid a year after. One reason that keeps this blog alive – the income or should I say, the extra income I receive from the generous payu2blog. And it is also the main reason why I decided to make two more blogs, the Mind Speaks ( and Bloma… I Am “D” Mama (, these two blogs are already earning too.

The good news today 🙂 I open my payu2blog account and saw I have one unread message. I read it out and saw that they are reviewing blog application, they are announcing to us existing bloggers to add other blogs we have and they will be reviewing them. Lucky if those new blogs will qualify. I added my two blogs and hopefully be qualified.

So if you would like to be paid in blogging, register your blogs to and many other paying sites like,, (i mentioned those that are actively giving me tasks) and google adsense. Mind you, blogging is not just about writing, it also enables you to learn more and earn from it 🙂 In fact, I have requested a cash out from, and I am expecting them a check, what a blessing right? So if I were you, I better start registring, or if you haven’t yet, start to make your own blog. You can blog during your idle time. Instead of facebook, spending your time looking and reading for the updates, might as well do a blog and earn 🙂 more lucrative and fun. (Oh I love it, my hands is non-stop typing here, and I love the way my mind dictates somwthing to write – forgive me for some mis-spelled words and grammar erroe, I did not proof-read and this is a live writing.)

Till then,