Happy Birthday Tatay!

No, it’s not today 🙂 It will be on January 30, next week, Wednesday. He will be turning 55 by then. And for all these years that we are together, I would like to thank him for raising the 4 of us so well. Like I always mention, our father is not a disciplinarian, my mother is the one. But they both raised us well. I once posted in facebook “Your personality is a reflection of how you were raised by your mommy and daddy”, I strongly believe in that. That can be attested in many cases.

For his birthday, I have no idea yet of how we’re going to surprise him, will we be going to throw him a party (how about money 🙁 ) or hand him some money and let him decide what to do with it, or by giving him some promotional wine glasses? What do you think?

So much about that, all we want to give is our countless and selfless love. Stay kind as you are and keep on cooking for us.. hehe.. We love your very very much TATAY!

Till then,