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Happy 2013 Heart’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day guys!

It’s just like an ordinary day, ๐Ÿ™‚ but still, it feels to be great when someone throws you a Valentine greeting ๐Ÿ˜€ More kilig, if it comes from your special one.

I am not used to it, that’s why February 14 is just an ordinary day. By the way, it just came across my mind today, I remember during our elementary days, one of the projects we did was making our own Valentine cards to be given to our dearest ones. Back then, I prepared each for my parents and for my friends. Red art papers were used to cut heart shape and pasted on the bond paper. Then we wrote something to make it more special. Too bad that those cards were not showing anymore, it went out as the time wanes, memories remain though, etched in my mind and heart.

I am a mother now, and being a mother is something to be grateful and thankful with. My baby isn’t capable of making a card yet, she’s turning 11 months on Feb 21st, and I am pretty sure that there will come a time, that I will feel the same way my motherย did when I handed her the personal Valentine card I made. Can’t wait for that time!


Today, I miss them much, the two special persons in my life. Miss them much……. I love you both! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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