Reap What You Sow

Me and my batchmates in graduate degree is waiting for our graduation march this coming April 12, 2013 (hope it won’t change na). The almost 2 years of toils will be nearly paid of. Oooops, paid off? Will it be the right term to use? We did our best just to finish the 45 units – 3 subjects each Saturdays for 3 hours (each), attending the class early in the morning at 8am, earlier that my work call time, so besides the 5 work days wakign up early, I still had to be up ealier for our Saturday class. Endured that for those years! if only I could have my MBA degree like an online marketing degree so there’s no waking up that early.

On the other note though, I am more inspired attending a classroom studies than online, I get to meet and befriend different people of different ages and profession 🙂 It may be of you advantage soon di ba? So try to make more friends as possible.

ANd wait a minute, I already earned the 45 units – I should have reap what I sow, 🙁 unfortunately though, I am not doing something to make it happen. Maybe later when I have my certificate. I admire my friend who had finished the degree the same year as I did, he is already teaching college students in 2 different schools and at the same time being the Director of the NGO, cool right, very perseverance of him! You deserve a high ten! Good luck for more!

And I wish myself a luck too. I have started seceral online inquiries for possible part time teaching, hoping for the best! 😀

Till then,