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Condominium, A Good Investment?

This post is just a product of my observation 😉

I notice that there are numerous high building rising around the Metro. Additionally, many advertisement that correspond to these. These are not for business but for residences. There are now various condominiums offered, varying in prices.

I personally do not favor owning a condominium as of this time. Actually, I do not have an exact idea as to why shall I invest in it. Yes, it’s more convenient compare to a dormitory, apartment or a boarding house, but I am more considerate when it comes to price.

And speaking of condominium, it’s not a just just expenses, you have to invest for it.

I doubt and still confuse about that one. I might as well seek a broker’s advice about it. I am surrounded by brokers 🙂 actually, I have a friend who is doing a real estate business, I can seek his help perhaps, or check if  Holden Beach NC real estate can help me understand why should I prefer a condominium.

For now, I will settle for what I have, a simple one 😉

Till then,