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FickLe Minded

I don’t know if it’s because I am a woman or just a human 😉 most people say, women are very ficle-minded, once she decides on one thing, suddenly it changes then decides to change again and again and again. 😀

I know it’s part of being a human not only of a woman. We tend to change things the way we first wanted them to be, because we find that there are better things to do along the way. It seems that, as you are tracking your way to reach or to get what you planned, there are some shining stones in between that you must consider.

That is me, I tend to change my mind on something that I want to do. I think it’s like 5 times that I changed my mind on these certain things that I am currently dealing into. One thing is really sure – whatever I choose, God let it be, I ask Him always. I let Him be the center of everything. If I do not get something, I know He has better purpose 😉

Things sometimes don’t need to go through as planned, there may be some factors and alternatives to consider. Think think along the way……

Till then,