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Christmas in Mexico

This is a late late post…. Christmas time posted on summer time 🙂

JD and I spent our Christmas day in Mexico Pampanga. This is our 2nd time, 1st was last December 2011 of course and she was still in my womb. I was 6 months pregnant by then. Going back – I felt a backache as we were standing for a long time, imagine I was carrying a big ball inside. I didn’t want to sit as I might miss the moment.

And last year 2012 of December, I had JD with me. So this little girl was like a kikiyo making likot every time. She was also making nganga, which was cute. AT her age 9 month old, she of course couldn’t enjoy much as yet, except for those lights and fireworks that amazed her.

In Mexico Pampanga, Christmas celebration is a bit different to the place I live in. Here in Sta, Monica church, every barangay has participation in the cotest – like the lantern making contest, the design the carosa and the music etc. Let me show you some of the pictures.

 photo GEDC3001_zpsf803a2fd.jpg

 photo GEDC2999_zps0b87e1a1.jpg

 photo GEDC2998_zps7967c31e.jpg

Aside from that, there was also a re-enactment of how Jesus was born. The priest together with the sacristans did the act. That is the same with what is beig done in Lusacan, in BVMQW.

JD behaved during that time, so did I. 😉

Till then,