Internet/Web Design/ Blogging


I want to make blogging a part of my daily living. This helps me document each day of my and others lives. But I am a human who run out of  ideas and something to write. Furthermore, I also find a hard time updating my blog, because of work and my time to spend with my husband and our baby.

And now, hoping I could finish all those posts that need to be posted. The problem is, I have a slow pc, and it takes seconds before the letters I typed appear here. Additionally, although the internet connection is good, the pc is also taking time to respond – it’s fully loaded, perhaps the space is scarce and needs to remove some application installed and some files stored. This pc, thank you though, this might need Disk defrag in order  to save space and go back to it’s fast revolution. So everyone can enjoy!

I love blogging! Please give me more time and ideas though 😉

Till then,