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The Toga Fitting

I went to PLM this morning to have our toga measurement taken. I arrived at around 9am and there were still few people in line for toga fitting. I met my friend Ely, who is also the godmother of JD and then came Brandy some minutes later.

While we were waiting for Brandy, we talked Ely and I talked a lot of things, how’s her pregnancy, how’s the work, what’s up and so on. I was more interested on the pregnancy topic, because she waited and prayed for it for years, and finally God heard their prayers. While she was telling and sharing her story, I remember me during my pregnancy period, how I had it so easy even the delivery. I feel the same happiness and excitement as she does  (perhaps she’s a lot mote excited because she waited for it for long), from showing the two red lines on the pregnancy test, up to the first ultrasound and hearing the first heartbeat. I can still clearly remember when I first heard JD’s heartbeat, using an instrument that I do not know what’s the name, but it’s somehow look like a spirometers that is use in spirometry testing. My pediatrician places that instrument in my womb and finds where the hearbeat is.

It feels so nice to share my experience to others 🙂 Till next talk again.

Till then,