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How A Father Becomes A Father

I didn’t know how different it is for a father to take care of his kid compare to a mother. I know how to become one because I experience it when I became a mother to JD, I wanted her to be healthy, safe and pretty. And I did know how a father takes care or baby sits, not until my husband came in to the Philippines for a vacation. He’s working abroad and taking his annual leave, in time for JD’s baptism and 1st birthday.

When JD and daddy J met on 8th of March, the father did not have a hard time cuddling our baby, he right away carried JD while we were travelling back to Pampanga, and the baby fell asleep on his lap. That was the first time experience of Daddy J to be a real-in-touch with our daughter, a not bad first experience.

When we came to Pampanga, JD weighed 8.2kgs, and after a week of being beside me and daddy J, she weighed 8.5 and on Monday during her check up, she now weighs 9kgs. I must thank my husband for being so persistent feeding JD and giving her the nutrients she needs.

And on my night-shift work, daddy J is left to look after our baby, staying with her all night, giving her the medication she needs (due to her cough) and nebulizing, feeding and getting her into asleep. He pays for the time he was not around JD – for 1ย year. He will surely miss every moment with our daughter when he leaves for Dubai.

So the insight – father takes good care of their kid the way a mother does, even far from that (although of course not all father goes beyond how mother does). Daddy J proves that it isn’t hard to become a good father and to give our baby the best of everything. Truly, he’ll miss JD ๐Ÿ™ and I too ๐Ÿ™

And I am taking this chance and dedicate this post to daddy J – thank you for the time you spend with us and thank you with all my heart and JD’s for giving her a healthy life. I am proud you are my husband and the father of our baby! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Keep it up! We love you so much!

Till then,