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The Longest and Counting

Six months, one and half year, six months, two and seven months, one and half year, three going four years and counting! ๐Ÿ˜€ and my longest tenure at job ever! yahoo! Now I can say that I am not a job-jopper.

On May 25, 2013 I will celebrating my 4th year here in ACS (now a Xerox Company), and will be receiveing another token as an appreciation and in recognition of the dedication I’ve done here. I had a Girbaud bag – token for 3 years loyalty, and on the 4th I think it’s a pen (not sure what brand) and on the 5th, I know it’s a Fossil watch (one of the old employees ACS who’s been here for more than 5 years told us that Fossil is the gift for 5th year). I can wait to celebrate my 5th year and get my watch. BUT I will be more than happy if ACS will give us carrera tag heuerย ๐Ÿ˜€ wow! And you know what, it costs about thousand dollars! The item I like is the Ladies TAG Heuer Carrera Diamond watch and it costs a whooping $$$$5100.00, how about that?

Turning away from that watch, let me share you why I stay here at my work. Firstly, the reason is, it’s not as pressured as the prior jobs I handled, secondly, it pays a lot lot lot more than before, thirdly, I like the people O work with (except of course some rugh people, but that is paved off by the good officemates) and lastly, my schedule. And If I were you, if you chance upon a company as mine, don’t think twice, grab the ops and work hard, show them what you’ve got!

I don’t want to be always at the nook, I am a dreamer and ambitious……. I hope that my stay here will be as positive as I want it to be ๐Ÿ˜‰

Till then,