Daily Living

My Simple Christmas Present

I don’t know why but it just came across my mind, remembering things when I was a kid and having our Christmas party. Grade 1 – and the usual and common gifts that everyone was giving are candies, bath soap, pretzels not the unique pretzels but the ones manufatured by jack & Jill, totsie roll, soap case and those other items for exchange gift that costs Php10.00. 😀

Funny right? Yes, it was, but the happiness we had during that time was endless, we were happy for what we received no matter how cheap they were. It’s the thought that counts, and we were just living a simple life, happily living a simple life.

For now, I will choose to post just that part of my life, although I experience many uniques in my life. Life taught me to be me and how to handle life given to me 😉 I am loving it! I feel very blessed with what I had and have. We all should!

Till then,