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Renew Placenta Papaya Soap + Maxi Peel Concealing Cream

I was using Likas papaya for about 2 years I think, it just started when I saw my officemates in the supermarket holding it to pay. I admire her smooth face that’s why I got inspired to use what I think she was using. I achieved the skin I wanted – it went smooth and pimple-free. I even used it when I was pregnant, and they noticed that my skin was glowing. 😀

, photo maxipeel_zpsa6c00b32.jpg

Until one day, my room-mate told me a story about her friend she recently saw and was startled that she looks differently, looks radiant and glowing. She asked what’s the secret, and in no hesitation, the friend revealed that she is using the papaya soap Pauline Luna endorses plus the Maxi Peel Concealing cream. And because I think I got immune with Likas and I am not getting good results anymore, I tried to switch brand, and so I am now using the Renew Placenta Papaya soap plus Maxi-Peel Concealing cream.

Using it for the first time brought me itchiness and burning feelingbecause perhaps I did a wrong way, I let the soap on my face for some minutes, it caused me redness. But it was all gone a day after I stopped using it. THen used it again in a right way. I need to use the concealing cream to protect from the heat of the sun, it also serves as a sunblock cream.

And now, I can say that the result is somehow good, I got few pimple but it disappearred very quickly, my face is smoother and fairer, yay for the result! I am using this combination for about three months now and will definitely use them again and again. 😉 Imagine, pauline + Kristine = beautiful skin, isn’t it amazing???

So if you want to look fairer smoother and lovelier, try this combination and you will not regret it. I just did! (Did not regret it 😉 )

Till then,