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Visita Iglesia in Pampanga

T’was my first time last maundy Thursday to do a Visita Iglesia. My husband’s family do it every year, visiting seven churches on a Maundy Thursday and this year, I and my husband also Jhaydii, were so lucky to have this experience. It so happen that J is here for a vacation during Holy Week that he was able to accompany us.

I was not part of the plan, I had a work until Friday, but due to transportation constraint, I was not able to report for work thus, joined them in the visita Iglesia.

The first church we visited was the one in Guagua Pampanga, (I have to search for the name 😉 ) It was a huge one, built many years ago, just don’t know if the contractor had some hydraulic hose manufacturers that was used in building the huge church. Will post the picture later, with the other 6 too.

 photo guagua_zps15e9be09.jpg

For now, I want to share that I had been to 7 churches in Pampanga, 2 of them were half buried due to the lahar flodding in 1990’s. But still copes and operating – so fascinating!

Till then,