Daily Living

My Dreamland

I wish I wish and I wish. No harm in wishing and it’s not bad, we even make our wishes the motivation and inspiration to reach and making those wishes come true. And one of my wishes is to live in my dreamland! Snow where I can go on skiing (though I don’t know how) in a Peter Glenn ski wear, how will I look like then?

I am sure that this will be granted. I have places in mind which I consider my or our (me and my husband) dreamland. We know that one day, in God’s time, we will see our feet stepping on those lands building our dreams together, and making our lives the way we prayed and the way He wanted it to be πŸ™‚ with our baby of course! It’s listed on my dreams (wishes).

If it’s listed, then there’s no reason not to be granted, just make the best effort and exert to the fullest. πŸ˜‰

Till then,