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Quords to Live By: Loving Our Parents

I was hit by this message. Because I once did not make a call to my mother when we reached home in Pampanga after the Holy Week. She was expecting me to call her, to inform her our safe arrival (since it was a very tiring travel and traffic jam the whole day) but I did not do. I chose not to call her thinking that she might think we’re okay and we’re in good handa. But I was wrong. When I called her 4 days after, she told me that she was waiting for her phone to ring and see my name therein calling, she was crying on the other line, I calmed her “Sus, drama, Churi po, di ako nakatawag agad, okay naman kami medyo na late lang ng uwi kasi hirap daming umuuwi pabalik North”, and she told me in a teary voice “Sadya, nag aalala ako bat di ka tumawag, kumusta na ba uwi nyo etc etc., yan ok na ako – nakatawag ka na”

That’s mothers, and soon I will be feeling the same with JD. For now, she only wants to be with us, cuddled, hugged, kissed and wants to see me and daddy J. Hope when the time comes that we reach our dotage, she will remain the same 🙁 I can’t imagine life when we get old (huhuhuhu ;(( ) But the fact that I must accept. Reality bites and hurts! Ouch!

Tinamaan ka din ba dito?

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Just saw it on facebook, and I think this is worth sharing 🙂 Sad but true.

Love your parents the way you do when you were a baby, a kid or young.

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