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Let’s Get Holy

I have reached this age without any experience of church visiting during Holy week. I wanted to, but I chose to just stay home and took my respite. Take this year differently!

Thank you that destiny brought me close to the place where Holy Week is mostly observed 😉 PAMPANGA!

When  I was young, I often hear PAMPANGA as the capital (from my mouth) of Holy Week. They are I think the most devoted (I think again). kapag nririnig ko ang Pampanga, the first thing na pumapasok sa akin is PENITENSYA. Yung tipong maglalakad pasan ang krus, while being battered sa likod, may korona pa ng tinik. Re-enacting how Jesus was during the time He was crucified. I remember kasi I was in my 6th grade, we were going to Antipolo church, and along the way, may nadaanan kami na may pasan ng krus. That embarked in my mind.

This year, Holy Week fell during our critical days – I mean sa work. It was our month end close. Good Friday fell on saomthing that is day minus something, I needed to be at work. But since it was Good Friday, transportation was hampered, there were  companies who decided to stop operating, so I was not able to report for a night shift duty. Thursday pala muna, Thursday night, I was not able to report for work na. And that is why I had a chance to accompany my husband’s family in the Visita Iglesia. My first time!

And I am going to tell you about it in a separate post 😉

Till then,