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Back when I was in my mid-20’s where cellphone with radio was just in introductory stage, I was enjoying the radio, listening to eat (oh em gee,and I spelled it eat lol) it, using the headset. I even fell asleep with it on. Ouch for my ear, the music got into my sleeping mind sometimes unto m dream. And when I woke up, really ouch!

If I will turn back time, I’d rather not use headset for long while listening to the music, it brought me negative impact. You know what, I am a bit deaf now, if the person talking to me speaks softly, I hardly hear her 🙁 too bad, I really regret the time that I used headphones limitless.

In this regard, I advise you guys out there to as early as now, minimize using the headset or headphones. I pity those whom I see and hear listening so loudly. Really, it is so loud that I can hear it, she and perhaps will not be able to hear anyone calling her.

May I ask by the way, what are you listening? I, back then, was tuned in mellow radio, loving the love songs played, seiko tuner isn’t available during that time yet I believe so).

Again, don’t ignore your ears, those play very important part in our body. 😉

Till then,