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Bulk Downloading Photo from Facebook

I want to cry, cry and cry like how anime does, as in super big tears shedding ~X :(( .

I now realized that it pays to listen to your husband and it pays to pay rather than free ;)) *tee hee* . ❓  WHY? Let’s take an example our mothers who often remind and advise us of something, do’s and don’ts, stop this and that, avoid this and that, but we sometimes are being disobedient rather than docile,      doing everything against what they told us not to do. And in return, after doing those things that are being reminded and warned us for, we then realize, “Oh, my mom is correct, I shouldn’t have done it, I should have obeyed her.” Too late to realize, too late to correct and too late to revert.

Now, my husband. Here is the story. My 4 year old Asus netbook ( =D> *clap clap* congratulate me for that achievement, the pc has reached it’s life and fully depreciated and I still can use it) suddenly was unable to read the Globe broadband. I thought then that it was just because I lost out of credit. But no matter how many tries, still I couldn’t launch the broadband. The netbook took a respite because my husband came in for a vacation.  After a month or two, he left for work abroad, and I need the service of my 4 year old netbook. Too bad still, the broadband did not work even it’s new.

I went to Globe in SM San Pablo to inquire about the broadband’s malfunction or why it does not launch in my netbook. They inserted it in their laptop, there seemed to have no problem because it launched, then on my netbook, but did not launch. The csr tried to see what’s the problem, plugged in and out and still did not launch. Then she told me that the netbook must be overloaded or almost full and needs to free some space or reformat :-S *worries*.

A week passed, and my netbook has not been reformatted yet. My husband advised me to go to Mall of Asia and have it reformatted. But I disagreed, I told him that it can be done on Saturday when I go home. And the next day I requested my brother to bring Asus to his friend. After a day, Asus has been reformatted. I was excited to see if broadband is working. Yes! Yahoo! =D>  *applause* it launched! I can use it now. It’s important to me because it is our means of communication, it is our way of seeing each other, my husband can see JD. After seeing that broadband now works, I checked the drive d, it is where my files are saved. Oh Em! It’s gone! :(( and that is the reason why I told you I want to cry as in big big tears. Additionally, the wifi connection option is not there waaa….

And I was berated by my husband, if only I listened to him 🙁 (what can I do, I was broke) *tee hee* And just yesterday, I brought Asus in PC Gadgets in MOA. I asked them why I cannot see the wifi option. And there it was, the wifi driver is not installed. So they installed it (it now works I am back to blogging). And regarding the files that had been lost? :(( *crying* *sniff sniff* he told me that the drive d has been deleted and it cannot be recovered :((

On the other note, On my first firefox opening, I was in dismay to see the history, grrrrr ~X it shows the sites visited, adult sites huh! They used my netbook in browsing such sites and they did not even think of deleting the browsing history?????? Duh!

I still am fortunate, I pride myself being updated with facebook. Every time important occasions are documented by photos, I right away upload them in facebook 😀 😉 I can recover and download pictures that have been lost. And I wish facebook has an option of bulk downloading, how about that? I need to get copies of JD’s pictures and every special events saved and uploaded therein. Please facebook, come up with that! I hope you can read this, it’s a process improvement though.

Lesson learned. It pays to listen 😉 *rocks out*

Till then,