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When JD is Baptized

This super late post deserves a space in my blog 😀 the baptism happened last March 23, 2013.

I complained a bit when I learned that baptism in Sto. Domingo costs that much compared to BVMQW, the former asks for a Php1,000 for the Christening itself and additional Php100 for each Godmothers and Godfathers, do if you like have 20 friends who’d you like to be the ninangs and ninongs of your baby, prepare for a 2k fee plus the 1k so you need to pay 3k all in all. While the latter, asks for Php350.00 only 😀 whoa! yes, indeed, that cheap and no additional fee for Godparents.

JD with pictorial

But this minute complaints faded, disappeared, banished, gone and all those words to say na as in nawala, Whybecause the baptism ceremony was so unique, holy, solemn and I appreciate it a lot. We were lucky that it happened that way, unexpected! Thanks Fr. Homer! and Sto. Domingo de Guzman parish church 😉 I apologize for complaining at first.

Fr. Homer was the officiating priest, they call him as the singing priest. Indeed he is, at the beginning of the ceremony, he sang, “When JD was born”, whew forgot the title. And he has a good voice though. Had you been there witnessing my baby’s baptism and listening to Fr. Homer’s voice, you will surely think that he is on recording software at guitar center utilizing, practicing and honing his singing skills *cool* 8) .

I was the one cuddling JD, then Fr. asked me to give her to daddy J, as it is what the normal thing to do. Then after few minutes, daddy asked to go in front with JD, and there the pouring of holy water happened, while JD was lasing sa tulog haha. Then one of the ninangs (the eldest) was asked to go in front too and accompany daddy j and JD and poured/blessed JD. Then ninong Gerald was asked too, to put JD the white cap. After that, they went back to their seats correspondingly. There was the homily, it was heart-pricken too. Father told us we were lucky that JD has reached that age (one year old) without any problem, he shared a story about a 4-month old baby who was about to be baptized but did not make it 🙁 Father just wanted us to realize the importance of baptism, that it be happen as early as possible, not when the baby turn a year old. I want to defend myself though, the reason behind is that, daddy J is working miles away and came in only on March for a vacation and bday celebration of JD, and we made the baptism celebrated during her first birthday celebration. Let us go back to the ceremony, after some talks, Father asked me to go in front and light the candle 🙂 (I thought I had no role tee hee) and the lightning of Godparents candle was next. JD was sleeping during the entire celebration.

Words are not enough to tell how holy, excellent and nice JD’s baptism was, so I want to share you the photos of her baptism. In my heaven and Earth appreciation and amazement with JD’s baptism, I even named it in facebook (album) Jhaydii’s Wonderful Christening 😉

 photo facebook_zpsd0f1a8cc.jpg

 photo 2-2_zpsb7b4b6a4.jpg
Start of the ceremony – me carrying JD
 photo 3-2_zps25f3c927.jpg
Making bigay JD to Daddy J
 photo 4-2_zps4902c514.jpg
Blessing or pouring the Holy Water
 photo 5-2_zps3307a78f.jpg
JD doesn’t mind she’s being poured with water, all she wants is to sleep

 photo 6-1_zps6a770eef.jpg

 photo 5-2_zps3307a78f.jpg

 photo 8_zps131a1597.jpg
I light the candle

 photo 8_zps131a1597.jpg

 photo 10_zpsc1de34ca.jpg
After few minutes Daddy J lights the candle to be used in lighting godparents candles
 photo 11_zps4d4b79cd.jpg
Daddy J lights godparents candles

 photo 12_zps0b93a1a8.jpg

 photo 13_zpsc0761179.jpg
With Ninong and Ninang

Love much,