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The 2nd Place Search for Best Letter for Mommy (Mother’s Day Celebration)

Last May 7, 2013 – a week before Mother’s Day celebration, ACS’ Human Resources Department announced the Search for Best letter for Mommy. It purports to pay tribute to our loving mothers . Three days after, and after going through tough decision haha 😀 I decided to join and composed my letter for Inay. It was just a very simple one. I wanted to tell the whole story to be able for me to help narrate how special my mother is, but I thought not instead, it might need to be sent to MMK lol ^_^ 

I wanted to share you the letter I made for my mother.

Being a mother is one of the toughest jobs on Earth. From the time a mother conceives, the incessant, painful yet happy, priceless yet costly, tiring yet fulfilling jobs begin. Those are not the exact words to completely describe how tough a mother’s job is. The description comes within the heart expressed and shown with love. There is no exact job description that would detail the tasks of a mother, no process map that could connect the way of doing it, no Lean Six Sigma to be observed, no trainings needed, no shifting schedule, always working day shift or night shift, no month end close.  A paper or two is not enough to enlist all the things she can do. It will take forever I would say. Being a mother does not require a diploma, it goes beyond that, it is an achievement that is more than being a summa cum laude.  A mother gives up everything for their children, and gets everything at the same time. A hero!
Inay, that is how I called my mother. A mother who already experienced a lot of struggles life can give even when she was still young. But she did not complain nor lose hope that someday she will have the best of everything. Pang Maalaala Mo Kaya ang peg ng istorya ng buhay ng aking Inay (same as mine 😉 )
Inay is my best friend, my most trusted friend, my best companion. She is available 24/7 to be there for me. My best defender, my best teacher, the one who taught me how to write my name and the best listener, to sum it all, she is the BEST! Oh oh, don’t argue with me, she really is! Want to know more?
Let me start with something serious, (now be ready with your tissue or hanky, those who have a soft heart might be moved :’(
As told to me, I was delivered with superb pain and half of my mother’s life was buried for getting me into this world, delivering me in an unexplainable throb, salute my inay for enduring all those aches – a first time mother who almost lost her blood, literally, and life for delivering me ( I owed much my life from her) . I cannot imagine how that was, all I felt when my inay told me that was to cry.
Let’s jump for years..
When I was already studying, she never left me, she was my tutor (although she only finished grade 6). As I have said, she’s available 24/7 so in every school meetings, activities and programs we had, she was there as my assistant, my make-up artist and all. During those days, I constantly heard her saying to me these words “MAG ARAL KANG MABUTI INENG, KASI YAN ANG HINDI NAMIN NAKUHA NG TATAY MO, AT HINDING HINDI YAN MANANAKAW NINUMAN, KAYA PAGBUTIHIN MO PA HA”(oh my these eyes are beginning to be wet) I did not fail her, I did my best to be able to give her happiness, in order to repay and bring back what she was giving me (not material thing but love and care). I made her proud of me, I gave her the happiness that she did not experience when she was young, I gave her the priceless rewards she deserved.
I am so thankful and blessed that inay was very supportive with my dreams. I knew then that my parents were incapable of getting me a college degree, but she did not prevent me from pursuing my dream, so to the best of her ability; she carelessly woke up very early in the morning to cook the kakanin I had to sell in school (yes I did it to survive college), she never mind having an adobe face asking for someone’s help when I was in dire need, she did beyond what a mother can do. And again, all those were paid off, I gave her a piece of paper, enough to make her feel relieved, proud and fulfilled.
Let’s hop again 🙂
This paper honestly is not enough to tell you how best my inay is. And my time though isn’t ample to write all the things she did for me and my family. And, in order for me to show how much I really appreciate and salute my inay, I wanted to write her a letter.
 Dear Inay,
Thank you for giving me a life, thank you that despite experiencing pains and difficulties delivering me, you chose to give me a breath. Thank you for providing me with everything, thank you for giving me wisdom and lessons that I now am living. Thank you for always being there for me. I love you so much! I am sorry if I sometimes I unintentionally giving you headaches and pains, I did not mean it. And so much thank you for raising the four of us so well.
Inay, you are our hero, you are our model, and we look up to you very dearly. You are a mother worth loving and adoring. I admire your strength, I admire your faith, I admire how you fought for us you are a SUPERMOTHER! We may not be blessed with bounty and material things, but we are very blessed with best mother.
I know you miss the little Dhina, the one who was always hugging your legs when I was daunted by something, I know you miss my loud cries, weeps and chuckles as I am not doing it anymore, I know you miss my hugs at nights sleeping beside you, and because of that, let my daughter give them to you J And that is the one that I should be thankful for, thank you for loving and taking care of my daughter.
I know this isn’t enough to show you how much you are loved. I have a lot of time to spend with you, and that is I think one of the best ways to express how much you are to us. Again, I love you so much! We love you so so much!
With so much love,

And among the senders, I luckily won the second place, and the prize is dinner for 2 in Sofitel. Yey! in time for Inay’s birthday. I am not saying I am not satiated with the prize, but it would be great if I will receive some tickets to paris and free  luxury vacation rentals paris yahoo! nyahehe, *wink* I would love it!

 photo motehrsdaywinners_zpsd2a81a80.jpg
Can you see me? 😀

This was my first to time to join, I was really hesitant because I know there are many good writers in ACS – fortunately, they perhaps did not join and give the slot to me haha. Thanks guys!

Till then,