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Filipinos Observe Discipline

Few months ago, when I was travelling my way back to Mexico Pampanga, a street sign caught my attention. It says, bawal magtapon ng baso dito”, with arrow pointing down below. But who would not notice it, the sign is full of garbage, contrary to what the sign is saying. Too too too bad. 

 photo basura_zps4664ca49.jpg
I want to believe that we Filipinos still have the sense of observing the discipline. I want to believe that we care a lot for our environment, and that this one is just a flaw that can be corrected and averted. Right?

Our government is doing its best in order to give us a better Philippines to live in. We’re getting crowded now, growing population and demands for everything. Let us do our part as a Filipino citizen. This small deed of putting your trash in the right place can make a big difference. If one observes, the rest follows. In this regard, grievance of nature will likely not to happen.

IT is not too late though. Let us take and do our part responsibly. One good deed makes a big difference.

Pardon the mispelled words, blogging with mobile while travelling on the bus.

Till then,