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10Lbs Lighter

May 7, 2013, 50 is the number I wanted to forget.  With the  new weighing scale I bought for jd,  I checked my weight (although I know I am heavier), and the scale is showing the number 50! Well at least not 70 🙂  And that was the start of my goal of shedding some pounds from 50 to 45, hey it’s kilograms!

I told myself I’d jog every morning before going to work but too bad my bed is always inviting me to be with her. Fortunately we go on jogging twice a month and play badminton twice a month too. That helps me losing some point pounds now hehe…

Here is my starting  weight
 photo 50_zpsaaef9db5.jpg
I want to see the numbers 4 and 5  next weigh in…

And now, for the update – I lost 1kg already, and I would love to sing sing and praise myself for achieveing this 🙂 Good thing my phone has an mp3 player on it, music can be played anywhere, even the usb or flash drive can be used because my phone has a slot for it, so any best usb audio interface will do, better for my love to sing, combined with my intention to lose wight. Yey!

Till then,