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Blogging with Gi – the Samsung Galaxy S4

Last Monday I was in awe and egzitement knowing that Gi is finally with me 🙂 . I am days closed to ending my globe plan 499 which I have since 2011. And because i am consuming more than that amount, 1,700+php the maximum, I decided to recontract and upgrade my existing plan to 1,799php unli surf 🙂

SO so so I am not used to this phone yet. Gi, my 3 day old mobile is so fast. The screen is so sensitive that in even very soft touch, it functions well. Pardon the mis-spelled words, as I’ve said…. Gi is so fast….   I am under globe, the network provider i have since i own a cellphone last 2004…

More blogposts using my Gi.. ^_^

 And by the way, what is not so liked about this mobile is the battery life – very very short life, I wish there is a bigger or longer one, can the spring mounts would help?

Till then,