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The Opiner Went North

Long hours of travel, sitting for long, taking the chance to sleep while on trip, getting tanner as the sun hits its most heat, wearing the eyeglasses to protect the eyes from the extra strong light of the sun, and I was wearing the dickies brand, my husband does too. Some Bolle eyeglasses anywhere here in the Philippines? Must try it! The heat and light really pains my eyes and I don’t want to be blinded so get and wear some protection.

Back to the reality. We had fun exploring the North part of the Philippines, stayed there for 3 nights and 4 days. And guess guess what, we brought our one year old baby JD with us. And guess what too, she did not show some piss and irritableness during our travel and stay there. Sleep, play, cry a wee were the things she did, too kind of her. She really is used to travelling na.

This is post isn’t complete yet, 😉 will update or do it in another post with pictures 😀 Tadah! ^_^

for now, till then 😉