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Fast and Furious 6

April 07, 2013 was the last time I watched a movie in a movie house – GI Joe with my husband. I am not fond of watching, the miser me always thinks that it’s too costly, I should spend the money to a more important expenditure. I normally have watched once a year…

Thank you to the distant travel I have, I get a chance to watch the latest movies, so unfortunate sometimes that it has not ended yet and I am about to leave the bus. I preferred that way, watch movie in the bus 😀 cool, free and no lines for tickets.

With the excellent promotion of the Fast and Furious 6, I was urged and very eager to watch it, plus the fact that the cast led by Vin Diesel were here last May to promote the movie. And again, so unfortunate that I was not able to see them in person, my work location is just some few stpes away. Anyway, lucky to say still though, there were many people screaming and waiting for them – for 5 hours? I think I will be kicked off to work if I do that haha.

So then, I watched it! And I can say it was a very nice movie. I was thrilled, suspensed, nervous cannot move sometimes everytime the movie was in action or in their road scenes. My feet kicked the floor. I enjoyed the movie, moreover, I enjoyed it because I was with the people whom I trust, my friends in the office 😉 That is the factor! Nice movie plus nice company.

These lines etched in me by Letty “I would not do something someone told me to do if I don’t want to do it” – not exactly that words but that sense and “I cannot remember anything, but it feels like home” lastly, the numbers 1327. 🙂

Do watch it! Highly recommended!

Till then,