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We need it 🙂 We have it and don’t lose grasp of it!

There are moments that everything about achieving my dreams bothers me (the grammar checker saya, FRAGMENT, consider revising). There are lot of things in my mind in order to achieve my dreams. Plans are plotted, yet these plans always have changed. And that comes a time that I need to rethink what is more important, what are my priorities, what is first in my heart.

Now that I am a mother, there are lot of considerations, one of these is my daughter whom I’d like to see growing. I like to see her development, I want to be with her always. She’s now in her cutest and kulit development, calling me mama several times, saying baba when she wants to go down, saying dada while pointing to her dress, dhe for daddy and mamam when she sees glass. Besides that, she is now walking alone and would like to do it alone, no more walking assisstant and knee roller walker, just her alone.

Imagine that, those are few of the developments a mother would like to witness. And it elates me, so how now would I materialize my plan knowing that I have a kid that needs me physically :'( I need to set aside some things for now, if it’s for me, then I will have all the freedom to do and achieve them. And I thank God for blessing me and my family.

Till then,